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A partnership for the future of

your Healthcare and Retirement.

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Wagner Integrity Insurance

We ensure the quality

Wagner Integrity Insurance goes above and beyond to enhance the quality of healthcare for its clients through their profound knowledge of the Medicare system. They expertly align individuals with the most fitting Medicare options, not only reducing costs but also optimizing benefits. Additionally, their commitment extends to comprehensive retirement planning and safeguarding families with a suite of life insurance products, ensuring a holistic approach to financial and healthcare security.


Navigating the complex World of Medicare with ease

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is not just for when your gone, it has living benefits too

Retirement Planning

Our strategic approach can ensure you live life to the fullest in retirement

A partnership for the future of Healthcare and Retirement

A Day Without Insurance Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

A day without insurance can feel as bleak as a day without sunshine. Wagner Integrity Insurance shines as your protector, safeguarding your health, finances, and family, ensuring you're prepared for whatever life may bring.

  • "Optimize Medicare for your health needs."

  • "Life insurance with benefits for living."

  • "Retirement planning, lifetime income, guaranteed security."

A partnership for the future of Healthcare

"Wagner Integrity Insurance helps you plan for life's uncertainties by ensuring quality healthcare through Medicare, protecting loved ones with life insurance, and securing a worry-free retirement with guaranteed income."


George Owens


David Wagner's guidance was invaluable in helping me select the perfect Medicare plan. His expertise and patience made the complex decision-making process straightforward, ensuring I had the coverage I needed. Thanks to David, I now have peace of mind knowing I'm well-protected with my Medicare plan.


Jane Adams


David Wagner was a lifesaver when it came to choosing my Medicare plan. His expertise and guidance made the complex decision-making process incredibly smooth. Thanks to David, I now have a Medicare plan that perfectly suits my needs, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Let’s not meet by accident,

come and see how

much you can save now

"Meet David Wagner: Where Insurance Meets Integrity!"

David Wagner, the visionary behind Wagner Integrity Insurance, is a specialist in Medicare, Life Insurance, and Retirement planning. With his wealth of knowledge, he crafts custom-designed plans that ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for his clients. David's dedication to integrity shines through as he navigates the complexities of Medicare, offering comprehensive coverage solutions tailored to individual needs. In the realm of Life Insurance, he provides peace of mind by safeguarding families and assets. For those planning their retirement, David's expertise ensures a secure and prosperous future, making him the go-to expert for a well-rounded financial future.

Navigating the Medicare System can be

as clear as mud, but Wagner Integrity Insurance can make it crystal clear

Medicare can often seem as clear as mud, with its complexities and numerous options. However, David Wagner, the guiding force behind Wagner Integrity Insurance, possesses the expertise to make your Medicare choices crystal clear. With his deep knowledge of the system, David can help you navigate the maze of Medicare, ensuring you understand your options fully. His commitment to clarity ensures that you can confidently make decisions that best suit your healthcare needs and financial well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Medicare Options?

When it comes to Medicare options, there's a range to consider. Original Medicare, comprising Parts A and B, provides basic hospital and medical coverage. Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, bundles everything under a single plan, often with added benefits like prescription drug coverage.

For those seeking extra coverage, Medigap with Part D can fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare, offering more comprehensive protection. To round out their coverage, some individuals opt to add Hospital Indemnity to their Medicare Advantage plan, ensuring financial security in the face of unexpected hospital expenses. Understanding these options allows individuals to tailor their Medicare coverage to their specific healthcare needs and financial situation.

How is the Medicare program funded?

Original Medicare, consisting of Part A and Part B, is funded primarily through a combination of sources. Part A, which covers hospital care, is funded through payroll taxes that both employees and employers pay during their working years. Most people do not pay premiums for Part A if they or their spouse have paid into the Medicare system through payroll taxes for a sufficient amount of time.

Part B, which covers medical services and doctor visits, is partially funded through monthly premiums paid by beneficiaries. The federal government also contributes to funding Part B, and the premiums collected help cover a portion of the program's costs. Additionally, general tax revenue provides some funding to support the Part B program.

What are the premiums for Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage offers $0 premium or low premium options, making it an attractive choice for many beneficiaries. These plans often include not just the basic coverage provided by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) but also additional benefits like prescription drug coverage (Part D), dental, vision, and wellness programs.

Privatizing Medicare Advantage involves insurance companies offering these plans, and it often leads to cost savings and increased benefits. Competition among insurance providers in the Medicare Advantage market can drive costs down as insurers strive to offer affordable options to attract beneficiaries. Furthermore, these private insurers have the flexibility to tailor plans to meet the specific needs of their customers, leading to the enhancement of benefits and overall value for Medicare Advantage recipients.

What are my Life Insurance options to protect my family?

Term life insurance provides affordable coverage for a specified period, ensuring financial protection for your family if you pass away during that term. Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage, with a guaranteed payout to your beneficiaries upon your death, serving as a reliable safety net. Universal life insurance provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust your coverage and premium payments as your financial situation changes, ensuring your family's long-term financial security. All three types of insurance policies can be vital tools for protecting your family's financial future in different ways.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a specialized policy designed to cover the costs associated with a person's funeral, burial, and related expenses. It's a sensible and affordable way to ensure that one's final wishes are carried out without burdening their loved ones with substantial financial obligations. This type of insurance typically comes with lower premiums, making it accessible to many individuals, especially seniors on fixed incomes.

By having final expense insurance in place, individuals can relieve their families of the financial stress that can accompany end-of-life arrangements, allowing their loved ones to focus on grieving and honoring their legacy instead. It's a thoughtful way to leave a lasting legacy while providing peace of mind for both policyholders and their families.

How can i save for my retirement and have a guaranteed income?

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policies and annuities are two powerful financial tools that can help individuals plan for retirement and secure guaranteed income during their post-working years. IUL policies offer a combination of life insurance coverage and a cash value component that grows over time, potentially providing a source of tax-advantaged income in retirement. The cash value portion can be accessed through loans or withdrawals to supplement retirement income.

On the other hand, annuities are designed specifically for retirement income. They can provide guaranteed payments, often on a regular basis, ensuring that individuals have a stable source of income throughout their retirement years. Annuities come in various forms, such as immediate or deferred, fixed or variable, allowing individuals to choose the type that aligns best with their retirement goals and risk tolerance.

By incorporating IUL policies and annuities into their retirement planning, individuals can create a comprehensive strategy that not only protects their financial future but also guarantees a steady stream of income, providing peace of mind during retirement.

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